WORLD'S GREATEST HOBBY ON TOUR - Sat/Sun March 10-11 2018 - NJ Expo Center - Edison, NJ
NATIONAL COLLECTORS CLUB - Sunday March 25, 2018 - Wayne PAL - Wayne, NJ

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wayne PAL Show Report - February 11, 2018

Setup started on time at 7:45, with a good turnout of members.  Although Dave & Phil had to do some quick modifications to the layout when we saw that the O scalers had taken more space than usual, we were still running at 9:17, when a brief "Golden Spike" ceremony was held as Mike W connected the last two modules.

We had already cleaned the track, connected the DCC, powered up, and test run, so trains were running immediately.

Present  were Dave F, Dave E,  Liz, Phil, Brian, Frank, Patrick O, Patrick C, Bob Z, Mike M and Mike W

  • Seven people brought modules (around 33 in all). 
  • Lizz, our newest member,  premiered her winter themed endcap in the layout.
  • At times there were at least six trains running, with more waiting parked in the yard and on sidings. 
  • A few minor mechanical issues.  No electrical issues!  
  • And no one was gassed by the O gaugers' smoke,  nor deafened by their noise!!  (Editor's Note: Mike M., Frank, and Phil were bothered by the absolute racket their one train was making)
A great day!! 

Reported by: Brian H.

As Brian mentioned, we needed to change the layout on the fly, and this is the "as-built" plan.

overall layout
"As-built" layout plan

Railfan view

Railfanning along the tracks

Click HERE for additional photos from Dave E.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Northeast Regional T-TRAK - Winterfest 2018

Another great N-TRAK / T-TRAK regional Amherst Railway Society's Big Railroad Hobby Show.

Almost all the 2018 participants, including 12 from NNJ!
Show layout

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Altoona PA - N-Scale Weekend

Northern NJ N-TRAK (T-TRAK Division) participated in the 13th Annual "N-Scale Weekend" Model Train Show in Altoona PA. Our Dave Ferrari was the combined T-TRAK coordinator. Dave and Brian H report we had 72 modules from 11 different clubs with over 135 feet of double-track mainline run in the layout. The "Single Equivalent Unit" count plus corners equaled 122 SEUs, up from 94 last year, plus 10 corners, down from 19 last year for a total count of 132 versus 113 last year.

There were two other T-TRAK layouts by BANTRAK and Genesee & Ontario clubs along with 5 or 6 N-TRAK layouts.

There were many n-scale dealers in attendance. Money was spent, real-life trains were seen on the busy mainline (and horseshoe curve), and there was plenty of networking and learning from other clubs.

Mike Wong probably took almost 1000 photos and whittled them down to only 500+

Here's a link to the layout photos: Link to Mike Wong's Photos

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Atlantic City N-Scale Weekend

The Atlantic County 4-H, along with New Jersey Southern N-TRAK put together the 4th N-Scale Weekend April 27-29.

Great time had by all, including the public. Door prizes for 4-H aged kids if they ran on all the N-TRAK and T-TRAK layouts. Saturday night the 4-H had a BBQ with some good food.

NNJ-NTRAK members attending were Mike M. (Kelly), Phil B., Pat O, Dave F. (Linda), Mike W., and Brian H.

The layout went together quickly after we got the tables situated properly, and the modules in the right locations. All in all, the layout performed almost perfectly throughout the entire weekend. Many clubs provided T-TRAK modules, including NJS, Keystone, Valley N-TRAK (CT), Jersey Central, and of course NNJ.

Photos coming soon, but you can preview some at:
Mike Wong's photo site

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wayne PAL Show Report - January 15, 2017

Wayne PAL Show Report - January 15, 2017
NNJ-NTRAK displayed T-TRAK at the Wayne PAL show, Sunday January 15, 2017

Happy New Year!

Again we were in the small room off the main area with the Staten Island Society of Model Railroaders with the very noisy O and HO table top tracks.

Photos by Dave E.

Modules provided by Dave F., Phil B., Pat O., Mike M, Dave E, and Dirk.
Frank, Brian, Andrew, & Warren assisted with setup and running trains.

Layout Plan: