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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Amherst Railway Society - Railroad Hobby Show Wrap-Up

The Amherst Railway Society's HUGE Railroad Hobby Show was held January 23-25, 2015. A few Northern NJ members loaded up their vehicles and headed north to West Springfield, MA, and "The Big E" expo center. Though a snow storm late Friday into Saturday curtailed the public attendance during Day 1, it bounced back on Sunday. Total attendees, (excluding vendors / exhibitors) was 14,217

This year, the NNJ T-TRAK division was able to participate in the very first T-TRAK display at the Amherst Show. This all came about quickly, within a 2-3 week time frame when Dave communicated with show organizers and learned that Fay Chin (of Northeast N-TRAK) intended on showing a T-TRAK layout. Fay was excited that we wanted to participate.

Member's modules were provided by Dave F., Phil, and Mike M. Both Warren and Dirk attended as well and provided setup support and ran many trains.

We had a great deal of interest in the layout from the public as well as other N-TRAK'ers. Next year, we should be able to double (or triple!) the size of the layout (from 10 tables to 20!).

Also, we learned a great many things about powering the layout and connecting with others' modules.

Overall, we made some great new friends and hope to continue displaying T-TRAK in new venues.

Here's a "helicopter flight" of all the modules in the layout (YouTube video by Fay Chin of Northeast N-TRAK)

Here's an interesting train level view of the layout  (YouTube video by Geoff Dunn of Albany N-TRAK)

Gallery of images is HERE

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