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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2nd Annual Atlantic City N-Scale Gathering

April 24-26 saw the club's T-TRAK division participate in the N-Scale Gathering in Egg Harbor, NJ near "America's Playground" - Atlantic City.

We believe this combined layout may be the biggest T-TRAK display in New Jersey!! (as of 26-April-2015 that is)

The T-TRAK Crew:

Shown from left to right are Phil & Janice P from Northern Virginia, Mike M, Dave F, Phil B and Frank all from NNJ. Missing from the "Module 3 Day Crew" is Andrew from Northern NJ, Sheldon from Keystone and Ken from NJ Southern (he was running setup for the whole show which included 4 N-trak layouts.) Several NNJ members also came  during the show: Harry D, Norm, Harry L and Mike Sabia.

Here is the final layout plan:
The layout had 41 modules with the equivalent of 68 singles if you count a 90 degree corner as a single. The tables were 24" rather than the usual 30" - there were 11 tables. The layout was 30' by 8' with a continuous "Red Line" around the outside and 2 separate "Yellow Lines" on the inside. The whole layout was set up as DCC.

Lots of N-Scale vendors, and decent public attendance.
Check out the entire photo gallery HERE:

Excellent video coverage of all the layouts can be found HERE:

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