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Monday, February 12, 2024

Toms River Elks Lodge Show - February 11, 2024

By Dave Ferrari, Northern New Jersey N-trak 

We set up a layout at the Toms River Elks Lodge on Sunday 2/11. It was on 8 six-foot tables, 24' by 5'. Set up started at 8 AM with the show opening at 9 AM and running till 2 PM. Bill M, Jason Sawyer from NJ Southern, Al Etzel from Jersey Central and I were there with modules. Norm came to help set up and Bill brought Harry too. The layout also included a Double from Tommy of TF Trains. Al's modules included his 2 new Wide Corners.

We had the modules all in place and snapped together with wires connected by a few minutes after 9. Unfortunately, there was no track power even after turning it on with a throttle. After a call to Mike Wong and further investigation, it turns out the ops switch was not set to Run. Once it was, everything was fine so we were up and running by 9:15. 

The trains ran well all day but we did have on mishap on my Double Crossover Single. It seemed to run okay in 3 out of 4 directions, but it was adjacent to my Intermodal Yard and later we discovered that one module was probably wired incorrectly underneath. That could have affected the crossover because it was being fed power from that module. I'll be doing some troubleshooting. 

We had the layout broken down and packed up by 3 PM. 

Thanks to everyone who helped!

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