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Friday, May 23, 2014

Wayne PAL Show Report - May 18, 2014

There just might be a record in the making...
We had a two-man setup crew for the May 18th show at the Wayne PAL.

Dirk got an early start to the day by leaving his home at the crack of dawn (5:00 am) in order to pick up the trailer.

Mike M. met Dirk at 7, and the two of us managed to unload everything, setup, and run trains by 9:15. We didn't have time to put the skirting up, but at least we had trains! (well, at least Dirk had trains). Mike had a prior engagement, and left PAL at 10 am, leaving Dirk all alone.

Later in the morning, Frank and Brian arrived, followed by Harry and Bob Z. about noon.

Norm arrived to tow the trailer back to it's home.

(let me know if any one else was present and I'll update this post)

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