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Greenberg's - March 12-13 - Edison, NJ - New Jersey Expo Center.
Wayne PAL National Collector’s Club Show Sunday, April 10, 2022. Details to follow. This is Palm Sunday.
N Scale Gathering at Atlantic County 4H. April 30/May 1, setup April 29.
Wayne PAL show Sunday, May 15, 2022 – Details to follow
The NSE/National N-Scale Convention will be in Nashville from June 15-19, 2022.
NMRA Convention/National Train Show. St. Louis. MO August 7 thru 13, 2022.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wayne PAL Show Report - September 21, 2014

The Wayne PAL show saw a slow start in what would be a slow day for all the vendors.
Bill W., Robert Z., Dave F. and "under-the-weather" Mike M. were there for set up.

In addition to the N-TRAK layout, we also had our first T-TRAK configuration on two banquet tables. Although both Dave and Mike were not around most of the day, Dave returned and had trains running on T-TRAK by 1pm. T-TRAK ran DC only using Dave's MRC dual throttle pack.

Frank, Harry, Warren, Bill W., Dave F. and Mike M. were there for take-down while we let the trains run on the T-TRAK.

Harry watching the trains roll by on the T-TRAK layout.

Dave's Castle end-cap

Mike M's "Neighbors" module (Built in about an hour!)

And one more thing... A really quick video of the T-TRAK Layout:

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