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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wayne PAL Show Report - March 25, 2018

Thanks to Brian H for this write-up

Another successful show!!   Although on Palm Sunday, enough members attended for things to run smoothly.

We had Brian, Mike M, Dave F and Dave E for setup, with modules from all of them plus from Lizz, and we were subsequently joined by Mike W, Patrick C and Lizz.

We were up and running by a few minutes after 9.  Not too crowded, but a fair number of moms with youngsters.

The layout shape was very similar to the layout from the prior Wayne show, but with a quite different mix of modules. And what would a show be without a gremlin or two appearing in the layout at odd times (but nothing too serious)?

And in shocking news - Brian actually brought a box of trains and ran one all day!! 

Earplugs and gas masks would have been handy.  The O scalers started the day with a loco with a faulty sound board, sounding like a loud screechy vacuum cleaner in need of lube, and then later ran a steamer (and caboose) that gave off a fair imitation of the smoke n smell of a swamp fire!

Mercifully, they were packed up and gone before the show ended.


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