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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wayne PAL Show Report - May 20, 2018

Yes - another success!

Initially it looked like we'd be a bit short handed, so a pair of fairly basic "L" shaped layouts were
designed by Dave F.  In fact, we had a good turnout of both modules and engineers, from an early
setup right through breakdown! 

Brian, Robert and Patrick O arrived around 7:00, followed by Dave F, Dave E, Mike M and Mike
W a short time later.  Frank arrived early in the show, followed by Harry D, Drew, and Lizz
somewhat later.

Dave F, Patrick O, Brian, Dave E, Lizz, and Robert (his new fire scene Double)  provided modules.

We even reversed a pair of doubles that were facing the back so that the scenery would be more
visible to the audience.

We typically had four trains running, with more parked in sidings and the yard.

Dave E had the honor of laying out the new dark-green fabric pieces to hide the wiring between the
rows of modules.  Looked good!

No major problems encountered.

The O-Scalers brought no 'smokers' and no noisy sound systems, although they did provide
some entertainment debating floor space with Dave F!   

-Submitted by Brian H.

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